Hopefully you’ve figured that out by now.  If not, take a look around! You might want to start with our video here.

To be a Fringe Member, Fringe needs to be offered to you by your employer.

If we’re not already a benefit at your company, you can help introduce us! Just share this booklet (Fringe – Why It Matters e-Book) with your Head of HR, Benefits Manager, or CEO. Thanks in advance!

You must be at least 18 years of age to have a Fringe membership. Unless of course you are from the future, in which case your age would be incalculable.

Sorry about that!  Only eligible employees can login to an account.  If you know you are an eligible employee and you’re still experiencing problems, contact concierge@hellofringe.co

Click on this link if you’ve lost your old password and need a new one. We don’t recommend the word “password” as a viable password option. Just sayin.

Just like a bonus or paid vacation, Fringe benefits are taxed as ordinary income. There are different ways that employers can choose to handle these tax implications on behalf of their employees, so we suggest contacting your company’s HR or accounting department to find out how this impacts you.  

Until you make a new selection.  You will have an opportunity every benefits period – typically every 6 months – to make new selections which would, in turn, cancel the old ones. Obviously, switching employers would end your relationship with Fringe and your Fringe benefits. So, think long and hard before jumping ship! 🙂

Your benefits are confirmed with us as soon as you press the “Confirm” button. Fringe will immediately get to work on signing you up for the services you selected! You can expect a welcome email from service X or service Y within 3-5 business days!

If you get overwhelmed like this, don’t worry – it can be cancelled.  To do so, cancel the service directly with the provider. We prepay services for the entire benefits period upfront, so you won’t get your points back once you cancel a service within the current benefits period. However, your points will be restored upon your next selection period.

Nope. While many of our employer partners ask for data pertaining to their employees selections and usage, all data shared with the employer is depersonalized. With the confidence that your personal data remains personal, we hope you opt to proudly social share your selections and brag a bit about how well your employer is treating you!

When you have an address change, you will need to inform the providers of your current benefit services and make this change on your Fringe account (here). If you’re looking for a list of the providers of your current benefits services, just log into your Fringe account.

If you have any questions, please send us a note at concierge@hellofringe.co. We definitely don’t want you to miss out on future benefits after you move!

Why would you do that? Your job offers you Fringe Benefits! Ok, ok, there are plenty of legitimate reasons to switch jobs. But, as you might imagine, your Fringe account won’t be loaded up with points at the next selection period.

At this time, we only offer fully-paid services to members through our platform.  No additional funds can be added by members. Don’t worry, we’re vying for more points for you to enjoy! Isn’t fun spending someone else’s money?

Just log in! Your confirmed Fringe selections will be displayed in your Fringe account.

Our service providers are held to a high standard, and we want to know they are treating you well!

The fastest way to address a product or service issue is to both let us know at concierge@hellofringe.co and contact the provider’s customer service directly. Once we’re aware of the issue, we’ll do our best to resolve it with our point of contact at the provider and will keep you updated.

If you’re having trouble accessing the funds allotted to you, please contact us at concierge@hellofringe.co to help you!

For member-related issues, please email concierge@hellofringe.co.

For employer-related issues, please email benefits@hellofringe.co.

For all other inquiries, please email support@hellofringe.co.